After taking a short little trip to Vienna, Austria, we arrived in the beautiful land of Venice, Italy last week. This is the type of city you weren't aware existed beyond the pages of your childhood bedtime books. Venice is divided into 118 small islands, all which are connected by about 400 foot bridges that create passageways for effortless gondola rides and hovering views from above. The buildings appear to float on the water, decorated around the edges with vibrant flowers and thick moss. The smell of fish becomes complimenting to your surroundings and the locals greet you with full smiles. Gelato finds comfort in trading you money some 3 times a day in flavors like Nutella or Tiramisu. Not to mention pasta, pasta, and more pasta. Need I say more.
              We spent days exploring, getting lost, and thoroughly enjoying the warm weather. Every wrong turn we took landed us in new discoveries full of small persuading alley ways and welcoming souvenir shops. Nights were enjoyed sipping wine and star gazing from the balcony of our hotel. At one point, we so bravely took a dip in the Grand Canal under the moon. It was cold, salty, smelly, and not entirely recommended but it can now be checked off the bucket list.
              Life in Europe is finally becoming normality. If there’s anything I’ve learned here so far it’s that I need a puppy (a really small, abnormally cute one to fit in with the locals) and a good pair of walking shoes. I’m enjoying the challenge, both physically and mentally, though I must admit I’m homesick. On more than one occasion I’ve had dreams of bike riding with Kourtney and grilled Nebraska hamburgers. However! I’m adoring the experience and can’t believe how fast the time is flying by. I'm usually better at saying these things with photos anywho, so, Na Shledanou!