Our quick trip in Croatia had come to an end, and we were off again on a full day of traveling to Edinburgh, Scotland. I’ve always been obsessed with the culture of this beautiful land and couldn’t believe that we were actually going to see it! We arrived our first day late afternoon to be welcomed with lots and lots of rain and cold weather. Our hotel was located just outside the city in a cute little cottage-like building and after a chilly walk and being fully unprepared for the downpour, it luckily fit the mood for our comedy ghost tour that night. Edinburgh is famous for it’s history of famous murders and up-to-date paranormal activity, and we got a full taste of this tradition via renovated bus that used to be home for transporting deceased bodies. As creepy as it sounds, it was more along the lines of one of those funny family-friendly type events, and Megan and I were thankful for the relaxation and dry site-seeing
         The next morning, we hopped on a bus to see the Highlands - an area filled with gorgeous mountain views and lochs (a fancy name for lakes…). The weather of course was still persistent with rain, but added a moody layer of fog to the already breathtaking landscapes. After a few stops for bagpipe playing and homemade ice cream, we arrived at Loch Ness. I’ve obviously heard of Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, but I wasn’t aware that this was an actual place. We grabbed some food to go from a nearby restaurant and anxiously got on board a boat to see if we could hunt out this legendary creature.  I always thought the idea of Nessie was pretend, but scientists have put loads of money into research and strategic attempts to capture this mysterious animal. Just recently actually, there appeared to have been a sighting via webcam from a man in Iowa. Check out the article here.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see it, but did get some amazing views of the mountains. After arriving back in the city center of Edinburgh, Megan and I treated ourselves to a local specialty of fish and chips, then fully indulged by going to see Alice in Wonderland 2…in English!
         We were grateful to have our next day as rest after a very nonstop schedule. We spent the morning lazily getting ready and then ventured into town for some souvenir shopping and spontaneous site-seeing. After awhile, we stumbled upon an optical illusions museum, and couldn’t pass up the opportunity. The building was 5 stories high and each level was filled with mind-bending activities that kept us entertained for hours. We spent most of the rest of the day in and out of unique culture-filled shops and enjoyed another museum about the Earth. A very early morning to the airport meant a very early bed time, and we eventually retired to our hotel for a short nights sleep. From here, Megan would meet up with her mom and grandma to vacation in Greece, and I was off to Iceland alone for 10 days. I couldn’t be more excited!