"Oh Jake Jake Jake, this man hit me like a truck down the highway. He came out of nowhere and made me completely fall in love with him.  Sweet, loving and always patient with me! (Even when I'm not always with him!) He completely turned my life upside down! Biggest pain in the rear I've ever known...but I'd follow him to the end of the earth if need be." - HELEN

"Every time I see her, or she touches me, or even just gives me a cute little wink I get this feeling deep inside me that I can't explain" - JAKE

When Helen approached me to talk about taking her and Jake's wedding photos, I couldn't have been more excited! I've known her ever since elementary - coming from a school where we only had 5 people in our class for quite some time, it's no surprise that we became good friends. I was flooded with happiness when I heard about her meeting Jake, and am so proud she found such a great guy! These two are incredibly selfless, purposely putting the positive spotlight on family and friends during their entire day. I never once heard them complain about something not going their way, or become flustered when the attention wasn't on them. Helen even gave away her father/daughter dance to Jake's sister and Jake's dad - something that had an emotional impact on everyone in the room. They jumped at the opportunity to share their day with 2 close friends, giving them an opportunity to become engaged during the bouquet toss. 
I could go on and on. But for now, enjoy their day below.