A couple years ago I met Kaelynn around campus and immediately we had such a strong connection! We have no idea how we even met, but spent an afternoon/evening non-stop talking about life, and I knew right then and there that this would become a very good friend of mine. Kaelynn is a fellow photographer, and one of those wonderful people who just make you feel so full. She has a love for the often overlooked simple things in life, and is so soulful it makes my head spin. She even opened up her own business, Anew, which offers reiki energy work, herb teachings, guided relaxation, child birth education workshops, prenatal yoga, creative photography and much more. If you ever get the chance, definitely indulge in her reiki work! Her energy left me feeling relaxed & revived and was an experience I recommend to everyone! We agreed to meet up to take some new portraits of each other, but instead got a little lost and found this giant pile of fallen down trees. Naturally, we had to explore. :)